Taegoon - The 3rd Mini Album

review - 10.24.2009 21:10

This rookie in the Korean music world has made a comeback with a mini-album that is average yet easy to enjoy.

Taegoon debuted this year with Call Me, a hit that became quite popular in the Korean music charts. With The 3rd Mini Album, released on September 17, he has made a comeback in the Korean music scene after a stretch of activities in Japan.

Consisting of four tracks (plus a short intro), this mini-album is filled with a sound that is very much Taegoon. It is subtle r&b mixed with pop. While it doesn't stray much from his earlier releases but this time around the tempo is a bit slower. His previous mini-albums have been a bit more on the pop side, but The 3rd Mini Album is more subtle in its sound and lyrics, perhaps an indication that Taegoon is maturing as a person and musically.

This mini-album will be a nice addition to your music collection; it doesn't stand out and it doesn't fade away. It is a release that will probably fit your taste buds regardless of your likes and dislikes, because it is easy to appreciate in its mediocrity.

Taegoon is at the moment still promoting Betrayed in the various music-chart shows. No news about his future releases or promotions have been announced as of yet.
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