Moon Hee Jun


also known as:   Hee Jun  
major - active (2001 - )
Moon Hee Jun is a male solo artist and former member of the hugely successful boyband H.O.T. He launched his solo career, somewhat controversially, as a rock singer rather than choosing to follow his "idol" image.

Despite his career being plagued with detractors from all walks of life, his love of music has shone through to help him produce more albums and keep his dedicated fan following dedicated.
author: sianface (2008-05-24)
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Moon hee Jun's career started out when he was selected to be a member of the groundbreaking boyband H.O.T.. During his five years with the group, Moon Hee Jun gained experience of the music scene, due to their huge success, as well as proving himself to be a talented dancer and choreographer, often choreographing dance routines for the group.

He became the second member of H.O.T. to launch a solo career, following Kangta, by releasing his debut solo album in October 2001. Alone was a mixed genre album which combined the sound of his former group with his true love, rock.

After Moon Hee Jun's solo debut there were many detractors. He made his name in H.O.T. as an idol and a dancer yet was now claiming himself to be a rock musician, something which was not accepted by his normal fan base. This became somewhat of theme amongst the Korean youth with numerous parody pictures, texts and music being circulated over the internet. At one point, he became so upset about the insults that in a newspaper interview he appealed to the public for this to stop but sadly when the article was published on the internet the website recorded more than 320,000 comments due to detractors swarming the page.

His second album, Messiah, was tinted with controversy when the song MEDIA was banned by all three major broadcasting stations (KBS, MBC and SBS) for attacking mass media. The song was particularly cutting as the lyrics were written by Moon Hee Jun himself and were based on his experiences as an entertainer. The singer stood by his right to freedom of expression and refused to change the lyrics of the song.

The release of his third album, Legend, in 2003 signalled the end of his long-standing relationship with SM Entertainment, who he had been signed to since his days in H.O.T., and creating his own company called PS Entertainment. The contract with SM Entertainment was ended with the release of a greatest hits titled Best - A Soaring For Dream.

In 2005, he released his last album before enrolling for military service in the form of Triple X. Just over a month after the release of the album, he was enlisted in the military. He served 2 years at the Defence Agency For Public Information as a special recruit.

Despite being enlisted in the military, Moon Hee Jun was still committed to music and tried to get involved in the scene as much as he could as well as trying to keep in touch with his fans. While in the military, he worked alongside Ji Sung to produce two radio shows broadcast over National Army Radio Station: The Heart I Want To Give, The Words I Want To Hear and Music Talkshow. On the latter, Moon Hee Jun hosted the show, which featured musicians as guests and was said to receive a good reaction from the younger listeners.

In September 2007, Moon Hee Jun signed a temporary contract with SidusHQ with a permanent contract to be drawn up upon his return from the military. This contract sparked rumours of what Moon Hee Jun had planned upon his return.

Once he had returned from the army in late 2007, he was greeted with a warm welcome from his fans. 500 fans gathered from all over Korea to welcome him home and his comeback concerts, 1996 Returns, scheduled for December 29th and 30th 2007 in Ilsan sold out in just 15 minutes. He stated upon return that his time in the military had allowed him to gain a greater appreciation for performing live. At the concert, he sung songs that he had written in March of 2000 for the sixth H.O.T. album, which was never recorded.

In February 2008, Hee Jun was asked to play host on a variety show called Find Mr.Kim.

His fifth full length album is set for release in March.
author: sianface (2008-05-24)