major - active (2012 - )
24K is a six-member boy band, composed of two rappers and four vocalists. The group debuted on September 6th, 2012 with a mini-album Hurry Up.

The group will be having activities together as 24K, and as two different sub-groups – 2K and 4K. 2K is a hip-hop unit and 4K is an acoustic unit. 24K is managed by Choeun Entertainment.
author: Eve (2012-09-26)
line up
  • Rap: Daeil [2012 / 0000 - gone]
  • Rap: Byungho [2012 / 2013 - gone]
  • Vocals: Seokjune [2012 / 2012 - gone]
  • Vocals: Sungoh [2012 / 0000 - gone]
24K is a six-member boy band under Choeun Entertainment. The group debuted with a mini-album entitled Hurry Up on September 6th, 2012. The six members are Cory, Daeil, Byungho, Seokjune, Sungoh and Kisu.

The mini-album Hurry Up consisted of 6 tracks, including three versions of the lead single Hurry Up. The official versions of Hurry Up music video were uploaded on Choeun Entertainment official Youtube channel, as well as it's distributor's Loen Entertainment's channel.

© Choeun Entertainment

The band has two sub-units; an acoustic unit 4K consist the four vocals Cory, Seokjune, Sungoh and Kisu. 4K debuted with a mini-album Rocking Girl in June, 2012. The two rappers forming the hip hop unit 2K are Daeil and Byungho. 2K has not yet debuted officially as a independent sub-unit.

As for now, 24K continues to promote Hurry Up, and no other releases are yet underway.
author: Eve (2012-09-26)