MC the Max


also known as:   Moonchild  
major - active (2000 - 2014)
MC the Max are one of the most popular bands in Korea. Starting life as four piece techno band Moon Child, they reemerged as a three piece rock band and captured the hearts of the public with a little help from Yoshiki of X-Japan.
author: sianface (2007-06-22)
line up
Techno group Moon Child formed in 2000 with four members Lee Soo, J. Yoon, Jeon Min-Hyuk and Heo Jeong Min. The group released two moderately albums in the form of Delete and Vol. 2 before keyboardist Heo Jeong Min left the group in 2001 to pursue an acting career.

The group didn't take long to make a decision about their future and the remaining three members returned the following year with a new name and a new sound. MC the Max (Moon Child to the Maximum) pursues a more rock style than its predecessor. The band was quickly picked up by Yoshiki Entertainment in Korea, the managing agency founded by Yoshiki of X-Japan. Their debut album as MC the Max surfaced in October 2002.

The band's second album, LOVE IS TIME SIXTH SENSE concentrated on the theme of love as well as growing musically, much to the delight of their fans.

In February 2004, the group scored their first number 1 with Sarangui Si from the album Solitude Love… This signalled an increase in their success and general popularity, which has remained to this day.

After the success of their third release, the band took almost a yearlong hiatus before returning with The Rusted. The album was a great success even before its official release; the presales of the album were almost 62,000. The theme of the album was trying to overcome the pain and anguish that comes with falling in love, which meant that the album was littered with ballads that have become a trademark for the group. The album went on to be one of the few that sold over 100,000 copies in 2005.

In February 2007, there was some confusion over the band's future. There were contractual problems between the band and they their record company, You & I Entertainment, there was even a legal battle over who had the right to the name MC the Max, the court ruled in favour of the band. Despite this, You & I Entertainment announced that they would be forming MC the Max with new members and the original line-up would disband due to the group having no interest in pursuing any future activities. The group were quick to deny the claims and parted ways with the company.

The band returned in April 2007 with a new album aptly titled Returns and a tour. The album was filled with the ballads that made them famous as well as some collaborations with As One, Rumble Fish and J-Walk. The band were given a help in the song writing department by An Sung Il who has also worked with Fly To The Sky. This was shortly followed by a greatest hits compilation, Curtain Call, which was released by You & I Entertainment to signify the end of their relationship.
author: sianface (2007-06-22)