2AM & 2PM Comeback Announced

news - 09.04.2009 11:17
On September 1st JYP replied to a fan on twitter stating that a comeback for the 'One Day' boys will happen in October. 2PM in the first week and 2AM a little later. Today he announced that a full length album for 2PM will be released in October.

This is what he wrote: “Back in our manhattan JYP center finishing up 2pm's 2nd song. Releasing a full length album in Oct. Get ready! http://twitpic.com/gdcv6”

It has also been said that 2PM will have a US debut next year, but JYP wrote this isn’t confirmed and so we still yet don’t know.

For more news and updates you can go to JYP's twitter account, which is here.
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