Tablo of Epik High & Hye-jung Kang to Wed This October

news - 09.06.2009 14:04
source: Map The Soul
Tablo from Epik High and the internationally acclaimed actress from Old Boy, Hye-jung Kang are to be married this coming October. It was in February, when the press found out about them and without hesitation, they admitted being a couple and shared their love with the public. The couple showed love for each other via uploading pictures of them together on their Cyworld and Tablo on his Map The Soul blog. He even went to the opening of her film, Why did you come to our house? to support her.

Hye-jung Kang is 5 weeks pregnant with Tablo's baby and they already have blessings from both side of their families. Therefore after 10 months of dating, they are finally tying their bows. Tablo has said to the press that her wife's peace of mind is the priority at the moment and that he prays that the child is going to look more like the mother.

Tablo announced through his agency that they have been planning to get married next year but because of the recent happy news, they brought the date earlier. He has also described these events as 'dream like news' and happy to marry Hye-jung, his 'love at first sight'.

Their fellow Map The Soul members of Planet Shiver, Philtre & D H Style have already left congratulations messages on the Map The Soul official site confirming the news is true. Plus according to D H Style, not only did Hye-jung Kang take a good care of Tablo, she also looked after all the members of Map the soul as this project has been a hard core independent things that everyone had difficulties with but she has been a great support all the way.

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