Kim Hyun-joong of SS501 has Caught Swine Flu.

news - 09.08.2009 16:47
source: DAUM News
Kim Hyun-joong, the leader of a Korean idol band, SS501 has reported to have caught swine flu on 8th September.

SS501 flew over to Japan on 5th for their Asia tour and Kim Hyun-joong for the promotion of the popular Korean drama series, Boys over flowers. He seemed fine on the stage performing their songs but the symptoms, sore throat and high body temperature, began showing the next morning which led him to cancel attending a Japanese program, Hallyu fondue, and other interviews. However, he attended a 5pm interview with a Korean reporter and assured that he was fine. Then afterwards he seemed to have made recovery as he made appearance at events and stages with his band. Although the relief was short lasted as Hyun-joong was unable to attend the after party. Then everyone except Huh Young-seng and Kim Hyun-joong left for South Korea but even till then nobody thought this was a big deal. Then came the bad news on the 8th as the leader of SS501 had to miss his 12pm flight as he was confirmed to have caught Swine flu.

Therefore it has been reported that it is unlikely to see Kim Hyun-joong in South Korea until he fully recovers in Tokyo.
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