Super Junior's Kang-In Arrested

news - 09.16.2009 11:24
source: Sports Chosun & Osen
Korean police booked Kang-In of Super junior on charge of assault on the morning of 16th September.

The incident happened in the early morning of the same day around 3 at a bar in Kang Nam town's Non hyun dong area when 2 guests mistakenly joined Mr.No (businessman, 35 years old) and co. Kang-In became involved in the situation and the argument was taken outside the bar when a passer by, Mr.Park (29) took a swing at the celebrity's side which led to involving 2 more people and physical violence.

Seoul Kang Nam's police brought in 3 other citizens as well for the same charge.

Kang-In denied all the charges against him as he claimed though he was beaten up, he did not fight back.

The police have found a CCTV footage of the incident around the afternoon so after a thorough investigation on 17th, Kang-In's fate is to be clarified.

However, the idol faces a bigger problem of whether to attend the Asian Song Festival held on 19th of this month.
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