After school, Brown eyed girls, Kara and 4 minute as one

news - 09.28.2009 06:59
source: Daum
Yoo-ee from After school, Ka-in from Brown Eyed girls, Han Seung-yeon from Kara and Hyun-ah from 4minute have been rumored to have formed a new girl group but the sources confirm this is not true.

On the afternoon of 28th, from the interview with the staff and Seoul news paper NTN, the 4 girl group representatives are coming together for an advert for one of the major brands in Korea. On top of that, they are recording a CM song and a music video to go with it.

The sources revealed that this advert is going to be a hit but also strongly pointed out this is not a project group, it is a temporary gathering for an advert.
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