Ka-in of Brown Eyed girls and Jo-kwon of 2AM as virtual couple

news - 09.28.2009 07:25
source: Daum
Ka-in of Brown Eyed girls and Jo-kwon of 2AM are going to become a virtual couple for MBC's 'We got married' reality entertainment program. This is for the special edition celebrating the Korean official holiday, Chuseok season. The taster video was released on 26th where Ka-in met a mysterious guy wearing a bear costume. At first, it was rumored to be Nickhun of 2PM but the 'We got married' sources have confirmed it is Jo-kwon of 2AM. It is undecided yet whether this is to be a one off special or a new virtual couple.

Along with the 2 idols, SG Wannabe's Lee Seok-hoon and a Korean entertainer, Kim Na-young, are reuniting as another special virtual couple.

You can watch what happens this Sunday, 4th October, on MBC.
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