BoA collaborates with m-flo's VERBAL and plans new single

news - 09.30.2009 08:49
source: Natalie
Eight months after her last Japanese single, BoA is back in a new collaboration with the famous rapper VERBAL (m-flo). Scheduled to hit the stores on October 28, the single is called BUMP BUMP! feat.VERBAL(m-flo) and also features the song IZM feat.VERBAL(m-flo).

The limited edition includes a bonus DVD containing the music video for BUMP BUMP! and a dance version of the video to showcase BoA's incredible dancing skills.

In addition to her new single, BoA will perform the theme song of the RPG game "Tales of Graces" for the Nintendo Wii console, called Mamoritai ~White Wishes~. The song is scheduled to be released as a digital single in October and the CD release is scheduled for December.

A preview of Mamoritai ~White Wishes~, along with a promotional video of "Tales of Graces", is already available at BoA's official website.

You can pre-order BUMP BUMP! feat.VERBAL(m-flo) through CDJapan:

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