también conocido como:   Deathrasher  
major - Activo (1993 - )
As Korea's first Death Metal band, Moonshine (or Deathrasher as they were originally known) set a precendent and allowed other bands to produce this kind of music.

Their music is dark and their lyrics have a distinct feeling of horror and fantasy which has captured the hearts of Korean metal fans and musicians alike.
autor: sianface (2008-08-09)
  • Cantante, Guitarra, Teclado: Amon
  • Batería, Cantante: Giga
  • Guitarra: Shin [1993 / 1994 - Abandonó]
  • Batería: Noh [1993 / 1993 - Abandonó]
  • Guitarra: Yoon [1995 / 1999 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo: Kang [1995 / 1996 - Abandonó]
  • Guitarra: Vito [1999 / 0000 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo: Torr [1997 / 0000 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo, Teclado: Pain [2005 / 0000 - Abandonó]
The self-proclaimed first death metal band in Korea, Deathrasher, were formed in 1993 by Amon(Won Gang-Hoon) and Giga (Park Jae-Sung). Unable to settle on a drummer for the project, the first demos Malediction & Benediction and Donor with rotten guts were recorded in Amon's house with the help of a drum machine.

It wasn't until September of 1993 that the band found more members in the form of Shin (guitar) and Noh (drums) in order to start playing their first concerts. This was very short lived, as Noh left the group in October of the same year. Despite this, the band continued gigging with the help of their trusty drum machine.

In 1994, the band underwent some major changes. Amon and Shin left the band in order to pursue their military service and Giga changed his position from bassist to drummer. Not wanting to put the band's career on hold completely, Giga hired more musicians in Amon's absence so that the band could continue. Kang became the band's new bassist and Yoon joined on guitar.

Once Amon returned from the military in 1996, the band's progress continued. The band changed its name to Moonshine and produced their first demo under the new name, the self-titled Moonshine.

The band released their first official demo, Shined By Darkness, in 1997 and things started looking up for the band. With both Amon and Giga still holding down full time jobs it was difficult for them to pursue their career as they wanted, but the press got hold of their demo and there was immediate interest in the group. They were being interview by magazines such as The Ghoul and Total Steel, which lead to the band securing a contract with Pony Canyon.

In 2000, thanks to the company Amon worked for going on strike, Moonshine recorded and released their first album Wake Up The Moon. In addition to this, one of their songs was featured on the soundtrack for the horror game Death Gate by Gatesoft.

After a lengthy break, and many more line-up changes, the band returned in 2005 as a three piece in the form of Amon, Giga and Pain with the album Songs of Requiem. The album was produced by Pain as well being engineered by the band themselves. The following year the band was nominated for Best Rock Album at the Korea Pop Music Awards.

Since then the band was seemingly inactive but there is an album tentatively scheduled for release in March 2008.
autor: sianface (2008-08-09)