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Dabit's mini-concert in the UK

27/12/2015 2015-12-27 19:01:00 KoME Author: Daeki Translator: Anu

Dabit's mini-concert in the UK

In November, Dabit held a mini-concert at the University of Central Lancashire in Britain.

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Solo artist Dabit, whose style consist of soft, ballad-like acoustic music, held a suprising mini-concert in the UK on November 1 due to the cancellation of his concert in Romania. Japako Music and the members of University of Central Lancashire's Korean association combined their strenght and managed to arrange a concert hall for Dabit on a short notice. The audience consisted of nearly 80 excited attendees. Before the show there was a chance to purchase Dabit's album, which one could ask to be signed after the concert, together with the possibility to have oneself photographed with him.

The concert began with the ballads 멍 (Zone Out) and Love Song, tracks which the artist jokingly wanted to get done with before he would move on to the more "outgoing songs". After performing these initial songs Dabit asked the audience if they liked the rainy and cold English weather. Most of the audience shouted they liked it. The artist however laughed and said he hated the rain, as he went out and picked up a jacket and an umbrella, which he used as props for the Rain Song.

This was followed by a short Q&A section, where the artist answered questions inquired by members of the audience. He was asked for example where in Britain he would like to visit. Dabit said that he hadn't yet once visited London and that to him the city seems like a really interesting metropolis. He was also asked who is his favorite member out of BTS (Bangtan Boys). The artist answered that he liked them all, but that musically he appreciates Rap Monster because of his great lyrics. Dabit also told things such as having been training together with the group 24K before he debuted as a solo artist.

Thank you UK for a wonderful and memorable time! Met some amazing people today~ cant wait to come back!!

Posted by DABIT 다빗 on Sunday, 1 November 2015

After the questions the artist continued his performance with the cover song I'm Yours (Jason Mraz). This was followed by Up & Down, the title track of Dabit's new album and a song the audience had been waiting for. Originally Up & Down was performed together with the solo artist Hayana, but since she was not there to sing her parts, Dabit asked the audience to dance and sing while her vocals would be played from the recording. On stage Dabit performed some SISTAR-style dance moves which stirred up the atmosphere. After this the audience got to hear the song Whoo Whoo Whoo before the artist said the concert was about to come to an end.

Everyone in the concert hall were thirsty for more and people started to yell for an encore, which ended with Dabit agreeing to play a few more cover songs. During the songs he had called for 5 willing fans to come on stage. The fans got the sit on chairs while Dabit sang ballads to them on his knees. This impressed not only the fans on stage, but all of the audience with people cheering loudly and taking part in every moment.

After the performance the artist thanked the audience and invited any interested ones to line up for autographs. All of the attendees enjoyed the concert wholeheartedly and it looked like the artist himself had plenty of fun, aswell. We'll be waiting to see when he will fulfill his promise to return to the UK to have another concert for his fans.

Below you can watch Dabit's music video: