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08/03/2016 2016-03-08 18:33:00 KoME 2707 views Author: Shin & Anu

KoME had the chance to interview glam metal band Victim Mentality a week before their performances at SXSW in Texas, US.

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Glam metal band Victim Mentality will perform at SXSW in Austin, Texas next week. They will play two showcases alongside other artists, on March 16th at the Belmont and on March 19th at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room. KoME had the chance to interview Victim Mentality's vocalist Krocodile about his career, lyrics and the band's second trip to SXSW.

First of all, how would you describe Victim Mentality to those who are not yet familiar with your music?

Krocodile: We’re a glam metal band from Korea. But you should all already be familiar with us! To me, not knowing about Victim Mentality is almost the same as committing a crime! If for some strange reason you don’t yet know about our band, you should quickly look us up on Google or YouTube and then pretend you knew about us a long time ago!

How did you become a musician? Was heavy metal always your preferred choice or did you start with other genres?

Krocodile: I have played heavy metal since I was two years old. I didn’t choose heavy metal – heavy metal chose me.

You are returning to the US and SXSW this month. Is there something specific you are looking forward to do during your trip to Texas?

Krocodile: Maybe some romance? I want to find new love.

Do you have anything special planned for your SXSW concerts this year?

Krocodile: No, because us being at SXSW is special enough for people!

Heavy metal and sex have always gone hand in hand but additionally you have also handled some of the less talked about sexual issues, such as impotence in your song Magic Finger, and the scratchy experience of Pubic Lice on your latest album. What inspired you to write about these taboo subjects?

Krocodile: What? I didn’t think those kinds of subjects were taboo! I just do what I want.

You are releasing a new single in March. Can you tell us about it?

Krocodile: The single is titled I Hate Hiphop and it will come out on March 10th. We have no intentions to join the hiphop scene as it is quite mainstream right now. So I have really tried and tried to hate hiphop. This song is like an assorted gift set of heavy metal.

Lastly, could you please leave a message to our readers in the US and around the world?

Krocodile: It’s nice to meet all of you and thank you for reading this interview to the end. In my interview answers there is chi or the spirits of the metal gods. And since you read all of my answers, you now have peace, wealth, and good health. Believe me about this! Please fill your room with our CDs and merchandise. I am certain they will make your life better.

KoME would like to thank Victim Mentality and Shawn Despres for this interview opportunity.


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