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Tim Be Told in Virginia

18/12/2009 2009-12-18 20:24:00 KoME Author: Meg

Tim Be Told in Virginia

Tim Be Told pleases the crowd with an exciting performance in Vienna, VA.

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Jammin Java, a coffee shop by day and livehouse by night, was candle lit and ready for fans as they began pouring in, well in anticipation of the Tim Be Told set that evening. Though both opening bands the crowd began to swell and people grew more anxious as it grew closer to the time when the band would grace the stage.

With a slow but delicate opener, Tim Be Told kicked off their set with Analyze. Tim was the last to join the group on the stage, waiting for the guitar and drum opener before he approached his keyboard. With his charismatic personality and smooth vocals, the perfect scenery was set by Tim for the band's show that night. As the song ended, Tim grasped the microphone and, smiling out at the crowd, said, "What's up Jammin Java! We are Tim Be Told and we're so happy to be here."

With an enjoyable piano opening, the band transitioned into System, as they jammed with the crowd to the jazzy opening. Each member began showing his own personality, as Luan jumped in on the background vocals and Andrew danced in place. As Tim belted the lyrics and encouraged everyone to clap, the song led them into a skillful guitar solo by Andrew.

Before long the band moved into Collision and Gravity, both songs with heavy piano openers that captivated the audience. Gravity's instrumentals seemed to move everyone in the crowd, and as Tim closed his eyes and crooned the lyrics, the band and fans alike stood motionless, watching before the music exploded back to life and the emotions in the room surged.

Before Lament, Tim had a long heart-to-heart MC with the crowd, talking about how the recent tour and his life had been. Setting the atmosphere before the start of this melancholic song, the rest of the band walked off stage to allow Tim some time alone with the crowd. He seemed as if he were in another place, closing his eyes and looking at the ceiling as he sang. The distant behavior combined with the mournful lyrics moved everyone in the crowd, and it truly felt like he had touched each fan with his feelings that night.

Soon after, the band rejoined Tim to perform Reach for the Light, and Tim grabbed the microphone again, saying, "This is a new song. We're kind of scared to do it, and we're a little afraid you'll hate us, but we are trying to experiment with a new style."

The fans absorbed the information and were ready for the new song, and within seconds the band launched into Fairweather Friend. Much to their relief, the song was well received by the fans who jammed and moved in place, livening up the rest of the crowd and the band. Parker helped Jim with the drums and hit his cymbals, as each member danced around on the stage, enjoying the new song.

The next two songs were both unreleased tracks, Beautiful People and Rejected. Tim moved around on the stage, getting the band involved with clapping as he sang. Beautiful People was certainly the most energetic song of the night and the band and crowd alike danced around. Andrew was the most excited on stage, dancing as if he was in his own world.

Tim walked to the edge of the stage at the end of the song and smiled to the crowd. "We have one more song, but before we do, I want to introduce the band. These guys have been through a lot with me, they are my second family. So when I introduce them, please cheer! These guys are really special, we have played together for about two years and it's really been a blast."

As each member was introduced, the fans cheered and clapped, and before long the band moved into their final song, Miscommunication. It wasn't long after the last strong piece that the crowd was clapping and shouting for an encore. Tim reemerged on the stage and agreed to play one last piece which was All of Me. He sat down and began to play the piano, having one last intimate moment with the fans. Combining his keyboard with solid lyrics, it was one of the strongest songs that night. As the lights dimmed and the fans began to disperse, it was clear the music left a lasting impression on each attendee that night.

Set list:

Reach for the Light
Fairweather Friend
Beautiful People


All of Me

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