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Hollow Jan

할로우 잰

Hollow January
Hollow Jan
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Even if the music of HOLLOW JAN is essentially "hardcore/screamo", describing the band in this way would be far too simplistic. Some of their songs and instrumentals are quite long, this combined with the numerous breaks and changes in rhythm shows that the band love progressive rock as much as they love hardcore and screamo.

And if the screaming-style vocals could rebuke someone who is not a fan of this style, it isn't soley used in a primal and souless way. On the contrary, it is used as a way to emphasize the intensity of the feelings that the band wants to share with the public through its songs that alternate between bursts of rage and moments of peace.

Often compared to the Japanese band envy, HOLLOW JAN without doubt has what it takes to make a breakthrough on the international scene.
Author: Laurent Translator: Murezor

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