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Jun Hyoseong


Jun Hyoseong
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Jun Hyesong started her career on the group Diary of Five Girls , which had G.NA, Jiwon, UEE, Yubin as members as well. She debuted on the TS Entertainment group Secret on 2009, and this was when she gained popularity.

She also ventured in a solo career with a debut single TOP SECRET and a show Top Secret Showcase on May 12th, 2014.
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Hyoseong's TOP SECRET: solo single album © TS Entertainment


Hyoseong's TOP SECRET: solo single album

Solo debut from SECRET's singer debut on May with TOP SECRET.

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Single CD + DVD 2014-05-12 2014-05-12
Jun Hyoseong
Single CD 2014-05-12 2014-05-12
Jun Hyoseong