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The Breathing

Breathing (The)
The Breathing
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Seung Ik (Support Member)
(2002 ~ 2007) Electronics
Johnny ()
(2002 ~ 2007) Piano
Michael ()
(0 ~ 2007) Drums
Won Shik ()
(2002 ~ 2006) Bass
Sung Min (ex-member)
(0 ~ 0) Drums
Min Cheol (ex-member)
The Breathing are one of those bands giving a breath of fresh air to Korean scene. Far from the "100% entertainment" productions, which are numerous in the Korean music market, the aim of the band is to create high quality music. But it doesn't mean that The Breathing is an underground band; quite the contrary, their music claims to be easily accessible and indeed, it is. They create sensitive music, with pop, rock and jazz sounds. As for the lyrics, they are mainly in Korean with some passages in English.

But the band's most distinctive feature is the line-up. The Breathing is made up of members from various nationalities: Korean, American and German. And just like this international line-up, their ambitions don't stop in South Korea. The band takes an interest in expanding activities towards Europe, North American, Japan and Australia.
Author: Laurent Translator: Sande

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Return of The Breathing

The Breathing will be making a return to the music scene this autumn!

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Interview with The Breathing

KoME had the opportunity to conduct a mail interview with The Breathing. They were asked about their past, present and future.

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The Breathing
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The Breathing