Chae Yeon Mini-Album Shake

30/04/2009 2009-04-30 20:48:00 KoME Source: YesAsia Author: Taliana

Chae Yeon Mini-Album Shake

Chae Yeon Mini-Album Shake

Chae Yeon's mini album is now available for preorder. Shake will be released on May 9th, and contains 11 tracks, including remix versions of Heundeullyeo and Ullalla, which are expected to be the two main tracks promoted from this mini album.

01. Heundeullyeo
02. Ullalla
03. Baboya
04. Ibyeolekam
05. Byeonsim
06. Seotureun Ibyeol
07. Ijja
08. Heundeullyeo (DJ Koo Club Radio Re-Mix)
09. Heundeullyeo (DJ Koo Club Exnteded Re-Mix)
10. Ullalla (Club Radio Re-Mix Version)
11. Ullalla (Club Extend Re-Mix Version)

You can preorder Shake on YesAsia.

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