Tae Goon Releases His Third Mini-album

17/09/2009 2009-09-17 12:49:00 KoME Source: YesAsia Author: Carol Translator: Pan

Tae Goon Releases His Third Mini-album

Tae Goon releases his third mini-album

With his third mini-album this year, singer Tae Goon has proved to be one of the most popular new artists of Korean music.

Following Call Me’s success, released in January and Super Star in May, he’s back with the single Betrayed (track 2), a song that mixes hip-hop and house, composed by Changttai (Kim Chang Dae), responsible for the lyrics of 2PM’s I Hate You. The song features the narrative of actress Lee Yo Won and After School’s Lee Joo Yeon will appear on the music video.

The 5-track mini-album also includes R&B Tell, the dance track Step by Step and The Beginning, featuring Hoony Hoon and Suen. The album will be released today and if you want to buy it, go to YesAsia and pre-order the album for September 21.

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