Interview with Epik High

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Interview with Epik High

Interview with Epik High at the MIDEM in Cannes (France)

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On January 26th, Epik High came to Cannes, France, for a showcase at the MIDEM. Just after their performance, the band joined us for an interview. We got to many subjects and you'll notice that despite their exhaustion, Tablo and Mithra both managed to be funny in their own way. The interview took place backstage, under a post-MIDEM fervor and all that accompanied it. You'll notice a lot of noise, especially shouts and doors creaking, which sometimes made the band laugh.

We apologize to everyone for the long delay it took for the team to release it, but we are proud to bring you this interview, dear readers, and we hope you will enjoy it.

How did you feel about the performance?

Your performance can be seen as the introduction of K-pop to European audiences. How do you feel about being chosen for this job?

In your opinion, what are the main differences between the Asian and European audiences?

Do you think it is necessary for Korean artists to sing and perform in English to be able to debut outside of Asia?

Last year you talked about venturing into the USA and Europe. The USA already got some concerts, how's the planning going for Europe?

Did you have some free time to go sightseeing in Cannes? How do you like it?

What do you think of French people?

It's been roughly one year since you got involved in the Map The Soul adventure. Could you tell us how you feel about this first year?

You released your latest album, [e], last September. Why did you choose to combine two albums into one?

The song Wannabe deals with imitating each other. Where did you get the inspiration to write this song? Do you feel that the musical stage today is all about counterfeits and following the main trends?

Let's talk about the MV for Wannabe. It's really different compared to all your other MVs in terms of style. Why did you choose to make a funny MV, which actually seems to have nothing to do with the song's theme?

Epik High is on a hiatus, but a lot of Korean and overseas fans are waiting for you. Have you already planned something for your comeback?

We've heard of solo projects coming up soon. Could you tell us some information about these projects?

You are quite active on Twitter. How important do you think these online tools can be nowadays?

Tiger JK seems to be trying to prepare something for Haiti and we know you guys sent some clothes and stuff to help out. Are there any more plans?

Do you have any special message for KoME readers?

KoME would like to thank Epik High, the Map The Soul family, Emily Han and Mao Yu.


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