Underrated Autumn Kpop Playlist

28/10/2020 2020-10-28 14:10:00 KoME Author: Zahra

Underrated Autumn Kpop Playlist

Let's have a roam among some underrated Korean songs from different genres in our gloomy semi-isolated autumn days for a change in the mood.

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We are having less of the sunlight and more of the cloud and the rain and almost snow these days. Not very suitable for hype songs. Huh?! So, here I have gone through my favorite artists and also have checked some others for some good songs which are a perfect fit with a cup of tea or coffee (your choice!) Try to give a different vibe to your playlist this autumn with some underrated songs you might have not heard of (or probably have listened once).

1. Black Rose by The Rose (2020)

The Rose is one of the recent Korean bands that debuted in 2017 and their dream is to be the next The Beatles. With two out of four members, Dojoon and Hajoon, currently serving their mandatory military service, the band is on hiatus and inactive. They released their single Black Rose on 24 August for their fans, and although it's been removed from all streaming services within one month of release, you can watch the music video on their YouTube channel The Rose Sound.

Let's listen to this beautiful and tearful song and cherish their talent while waiting for their return once again. 

2. Confession by Astro (2016)

I LOVE this song!

ASTRO debuted with a boyish style and fun songs under the Fantagio label in 2016. Confession is the lead single track of their third mini-album AUTUMN STORY which was released in their first year after debut. Although the MV has over 11 million views on YouTube, the song itself is one of ASTRO's less popular ones. The music video is cute and full of details with a school theme storyline. The concept of the MV is that members have come out of the female lead's drawings. While autumn itself can be gloomy for its consecutive cloudy and rainy days, the shining of warm colors of yellow, orange, and red on this MV can warm your heart! It can be the next track on your playlist.  

3. Miss You by Eric Nam (2018)

Based on Kpop's cliché, spring is the season of blooming loves and autumn is the breakup season.

Yes. You're right. This song is about breakups. Not sad, but more about hard times when you need to pass by. Eric Nam is not the dancer type of Korean idol. He sings and his power is in his voice and personality. The song is a ballad single released in 2018 and the MV is simply showing a lonely man roaming in London streets and alleys. No hard choreography or heavy beating music. Just listen to Eric's soothing voice and the nice guitar bits accompanying.

4. Numb by Amber Liu (2020)

Amber released Numb as the third track of her first English EP after she left SM in 2019. The album was released amidst the heat of unfortunate incidents of f(x)'s Sulli, and  Kara's Hara decease and fans speculated the lyrics of this song are hinting at the hard conditions of idols in the industry. Amber has directed and produced the song and its MV and she is confidently showing her talent and power as a producer in the entertainment industry. The song is heartbreaking but it is a voice calling for attention and empowerment. Although the song is very good, it is also very underrated since it is not being promoted in the Korean market as other Kpop songs. Listen to it, share it, and let the voice be heard.  

5. Pinocchio by BEWHYxTaemin (2018)

This collaboration art piece is from the variety show The Call of Mnet channel. The YouTube video has subtitles for the lyrics which makes it more appealing and interesting. The choreography is gentle (like how  Taemin is) and the power is on the song and the collaborative part which makes it amazing. The performance on YouTube is from the show and is filled with background noises from the audience; So, for a clean listening, you can stream the song track on Spotify.

6. The Other Day by Park Hyo Shin (2018)

Park Hyo Shin is a Korean ballad singer with a high reputation in the Korean music industry. He might not be very well-known in the international market due to the more appealing aura of the Kpop genre with its strength in visual aspect (heavy and professional choreography; visual artists; attractive music videos; etc.). The Other Day is the sixth digital single by Park Hyo Shin and a pre-release for his eighth full-length album. It is a gentle soothing song that touches your soul in your lonely and sad moments. The MV is very nice and sympathetic since it's featuring more realistic characters with different stories that we can't see. The most important element in the MV is the telephone booth as a safe for people and Park Hyo Shin himself appears at the end of the MV.   

7. Wild Flower covered by Kyuhyun (2015)

Kyuhyun covered Park Hyo Shin's Wild Flower (one of his most popular songs) for the King of the Masked Singer show. This amazing ballad song is already very hard to cover due to its high notes, but Kyuhyun's cover is one of the most beautiful and memorable ones (which also led me to know Park Hyo Shin). The song has no official track which is unfortunate. But compared to BewhyxTaemin's Pinocchio, it has less annoying background noises. Give it a try and your ears will thank you for this chance. Note: Don't forget to check out the original song, too!  

8. Falling Blossoms by Min Kyung Hoon X Kim Hee Chul (2018)

I love this duo. Heechul and Min Kyunghoon formed their duo Universe Cowards on the JTBC's Knowing Bros and have previously released the successful song, Sweet Dream. This song is also their collaboration for the show while it is less popular than the first one. The MV is directed by Super Junior's Shindong and unlike Sweet Dreams, it has a more serious concept. I personally enjoyed the acting of the supporting actors, especially the gangsters. They have done a really good job for this MV. Universe Cowards is preparing for a new collaboration comeback. Can't wait to see their new project! YAY!


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