SHINee Member Jonghyun Passes Away

18/12/2017 2017-12-18 17:26:00 KoME Source: Naver Entertainment Author: Satu Lehtinen

SHINee Member Jonghyun Passes Away

27-year-old Kim Jonghyun has passed away on the evening of December 18th.

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Record company SM Entertainment has confirmed that SHINee vocalist Kim Jonghyun has passed away on December 18th.

27-year-old Jonghyun was found in a residence in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Despite CPR attempts, the singer was pronounced dead on the evening of December 18th.

In their official statement, SM Entertainment writes that Jonghyun's passing comes as a surprise and that SM Entertainment workers and their artists are all deeply shocked and mourn his passing. The statement went on to say "Jonghyun who loved music more than anyone and always did his best on stage, was really the best artist. And it hurts our hearts even more to deliver these sad news to fans who always loved and supported him generously."

According to the official statement, the star's funeral will be closed from public and that only Jonghyun's family, friends and colleagues will be allowed to attend. The record company also asks for the general public to refrain from speculating the circumstances of his death, so that his family and friends may mourn him peacefully.

Before his death, Jonghyun was preparing for his next solo album.

During his 9-year career, Jonghyun touched many hearts with his music and spoke out for mental health awareness as well as lgbt rights.

SM Entertainment has cancelled all December schedules for their artists in lieu of these events. Many record and broadcasting companies have also cancelled schedules out of respect for Jonghyun and his family.

KoME would also like to offer their deepest condolences to all those who've been touched by these events.

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