Streetguns and PATiENTS Comment on Zandari Festa 2016

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Streetguns and PATiENTS Comment on Zandari Festa 2016

Zandari Festa, a music showcase event featuring a massive 150 bands over four days, will be held again from September 30th to October 3rd at venues around Hongdae.

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South Korea's largest music showcase festival Zandari Festa will be held again from September 30th to October 3rd at venues around Hongdae. There will be 150 bands playing, including foreign acts from places such as South Africa, Singapore, Poland, Denmark and the US. Korean bands include Rock'n'Roll Radio, Tirikilatops, VASSLINE, KwonTree, blustream PATiENTS, Victim Mentality, Galaxy Express, Dead Buttons, Danpynsun and the Sailors, SKASUCKS and ...Whatever That Means, a punk band we recently interviewed after their American tour. The full list of artists is available at Zandari Festa's website.

Check out some comments from hybrid punk band PATiENTS and rockabilly band Streetguns.

Why are you excited about playing at Zandari Festa?

Sumin Jo (PATiENTS): The festival has a really unique and positive energy. Zandari features bands of all different genres and being popular isn’t important. What’s important to the organizers is that you’re making music that is cool and interesting. All of the bands are really happy to be involved and the Zandari and venue staff and crew are too, so it’s just a really fun music-filled weekend.

Tiger (Streetguns): Zandari’s the biggest music festival in Korea’s indie scene so loads of bands from Korea and abroad participate and lots of music fans come out to watch. As a musician or a music lover, it’s hard not to look forward to his event because it’s just such a great time. There’s lots of music to be enjoyed, great people to meet, networking to be done, and fun to be had.

Why do you think Zandari Festa is good for Korea's indie scene?

Sumin Jo (PATiENTS): Zandari is an international showcase festival and more and more overseas bands and music professionals from around the world are attending each year. I think this can help open new doors and create fantastic opportunities for overseas acts in Korea and Korean bands to do more things internationally. This is why I like Zandari Festa and continue to support and cheer for the festival as it grows.

Tiger (Streetguns): Zandari Festa gives musicians the chance to have their music heard by new listeners. And it also gives bands the opportunity to perform for staff from overseas festivals which could lead to chances to tour abroad. Because of these things, I think that Zandari Festa is a very important and fantastic festival for Korea’s indie scene.

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