New Album from Johnny's WEST

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New Album from Johnny's WEST

Boyband Johnny's WEST will release their 8th album on March 9th.

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Boyband Johnny's WEST will release a new album on March 9th.

Titled Mixed Juice, it is based around the concept of mixing together sounds from a wide variety of genres and eras. It features five songs from the group's recent singles, ranging from May 2021's Something New, which was composed by singer-songwriter Aimyon, to the title tracks from Reimei / Susumu shika nee, which was just released on January 19th this year.

In addition to Aimyon's contribution, the album will feature songs written for the group by a variety of well-known artists, including Ruisen from wacci's Youhei Hashiguchi, Blue Moon from pop singer eill and Tsubasa from SUPER BEAVER guitarist Ryota Yanagisawa.

The album will be available in three editions, with each featuring two exclusive songs as its 6th and 10th tracks. Limited Edition A will feature the Tatsuya Kitani-composed C'est la Vie and syudou-composed Doryokushou, and it will come with a 36-page booklet and a bonus DVD featuring music videos and making-of footage for the songs Mixed Juice and Shiran kedo.

Limited Edition B will feature Plan B and Jounetsu, exclusive songs that split the group's seven members into two units, and its bonus DVD will contain footage from their 7th anniversary live stream event Nijikai, which took place in April 2021.

The CD-only regular edition will feature Contrails and Jaa ne, exclusive tracks composed by group members Daiki Shigeoka and Tomohiro Kamiyama.

The YouTube version of the music video for Mixed Juice and a short version of the MV for Something New can be viewed below.


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