Interview with GUYZ

19/10/2010 2010-10-19 12:17:00 KoME Author: KoME Team Translator: Gobbie

Interview with GUYZ

Get to know the sympathetic band GUYZ

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GUYZ are a South Korean indie rock band, active in both Korea and Japan. Their newest single was released over a month ago on September 2nd, and KoME took the opportunity to get to know the guys.

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello dear KoME readers, this is Korean rock band GUYZ. We are very glad to introduce ourselves through this interview.

How did you meet each other and decide to make a band?

The vocalist, Yayoo, was the bassist in the early stages of GUYZ but after two years, he switched to his current position. Then around 1998-99, Ki-hyeon, guitarist in a different band who used to play in the same club with us, joined as bassist. Afterwards, with Yayoo and Ki-hyeon as main members, we had a few session members until in 2004, Cha Myeong-jun, the drummer from Schizo, joined us. Last but not least, in 2005, Choi Hong-jun, who had just graduated from high school, became part of the team.

Tell us something about your new single New Stage, what's it about?

We treated it as us, GUYZ' story. The obstacles that stop us from going further out in to the world are stubbornness, selfishness and unnecessary pride made by us in the past. In order to move on, we must realise and let them go. We wanted to express this through New Stage.

You've been active in Japan already, any plans to go any further or even outside Asia? America or Europe?

We have not thought about performing in Europe or America yet. Honestly speaking, we are surprised to hear that there are people who know about us that far away. When we get a chance in the future, we would like to perform live on foreign soils other than Japan.

People compare your sound to the Japanese Band UVERworld. Do you know them and are you pleased with the comparison?

Of course we know UVERworld very well and they are an amazing band. We enjoy listening to their music so it makes us happy to be compared with them.

Which artists influence you in your work? Since you have been active in Japan, are there more Japanese influences or also American? Maybe your roots are purely Korean?

Each member has a different music taste and influence actually. In fact it is amusing that we are in the same band despite this. Since we've been affected by various artists all over the world, it is hard to pick just one.

This year you've released two singles and last year a mini-album. When can we expect a new full album from you and what will it be like?

At the moment, we are discussing the concept for a new album so the release date and its style are unconfirmed. But we are trying to show a new flavor within the rock genre so please look forward to GUYZ' new album.

Speaking of taste, can you recommend a Korean dish out of your favorites?

It has to be bibimbap. We are certain that everyone will enjoy this dish.

You just recently opened your YouTube page. Do you see it as an opportunity to make your music known to people outside Korea as well? Do you think the Internet is a good way to market your music?

It has not even occurred to us that YouTube can promote GUYZ. Though we are surprised to see many people taking interest in us. We will be continuing to use the Internet for the GUYZ fans to provide even better music.

KoME is a news provider for K-pop fans outside Korea; were you GUYZ aware that you had fans outside Asia and how does it feel?

We have been really shocked. It feels unbelievably amazing to think even those who live so far away listen to GUYZ' music. When we are given an opportunity, we would love to do a live performance abroad.

K-pop dominates the Korean music scene. Where do you see Korean rock music going? Do you think the popularity will rise one day as well or do you even like the fame in the underground?

Ah, we believe the distance between mainstream and indie music will narrow down soon. GUYZ is not affected by that as we only wish to continue doing live stages and make good music freely.

You have been together for over 10 years, has there been a very special moment in your career?

There are several memories but at the moment it has to be the showcase of New Stage released on September 18th of 2010. All the support and sound from fans are still unforgettable.

Can you GUYZ choose a word to describe what kind of guy you are?

A band that keeps moving forward.

Seeing this year is almost over, what do you hope to achieve this time next year?

To have released a new stunning album and bring our music to more people out there.

Any last words to our readers?

We hope that you all continue to take interest in us as we will try hard to deliver even better music. Thank you very much.

KoME would like to thank GUYZ and Hyun Ae from PRIMROSE Entertainment for making this interview possible.

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