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Happy New Year from BMSG

02/01/2024 2024-01-02 13:00:00 KoME Source: Press Release Author: Christine

Happy New Year from BMSG

BMSG's artists and trainees have recorded a New Year message for their fans around the world, and SKY-HI has shared some thoughts on the company's progress in 2023 and goals for 2024.

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Rapper SKY-HI's management company BMSG continued to grow rapidly in 2023, most notably with the addition of its second boy group MAZZEL and new trainee KANON, which brought the number of artists and trainees under its banner to 23. REIKO, who was recruited during BMSG's first audition "THE FIRST", also made the transition from a trainee to an artist, highlighting the company's commitment to nurturing a diverse roster of talents.

To celebrate the achievements of the past year, each BMSG artist and trainee, including SKY-HI, Novel Core, BE:FIRST, MAZZEL, Aile The Shota, edhiii boi, REIKO, RUI, TAIKI and KANON, have released a video message, expressing their gratitude and wishing all fans worldwide a happy new year ahead.

SKY-HI also provided some insights into the company's direction for 2024 and his personal aspirations as an artist in a short interview.

Watch the comment video:

Read the interview with SKY-HI:

Looking back, will you please name a few events or projects from 2023 that stick out to you? Please also describe why.

SKY-HI: The debut of MAZZEL is certainly the most memorable for me. That would no doubt be my top choice for this question. Another event that stood out is producing the dance and music event D.U.N.K. This project wasn’t just a milestone for me and the BMSG artists, but it made a significant impact on the entire music industry in Japan, particularly for dance & vocal groups. We have already witnessed drastic changes in our industry. It’s been less than a year since the inaugural three-day event, yet we followed up with another production at a domed stadium, drawing in over 70,000 spectators over two days in December. The entire experience with D.U.N.K. has been exceptional and has made lasting memories. Lastly, I have to mention REIKO’s debut. However, I believe the upcoming year holds even bigger and better things for him, and that thought genuinely excites me.

BE:FIRST and other BMSG artists proactively performed and worked domestically in Japan in 2023. Can we expect anything, for instance, specific events or projects, where fans outside of Japan can expect to see you guys in person sometime this year?

SKY-HI: We are truly excited about the prospect of meeting our international fans in 2024. While our primary focus remains on several commitments in Japan, there will certainly be an opportunity for some of us to travel abroad. While it might be a small representation to start with, we are optimistic about expanding our outreach in the near future. We realize that our international fans have been eagerly waiting for this, and we deeply appreciate their patience and understanding. Please stay tuned for future updates about our plans for 2024.

What about you? As an artist SKY-HI, do you plan to go on an Asian tour or a world tour sometime this year?

SKY-HI: As the person overseeing BMSG, my responsibilities may limit my personal opportunities to travel compared to other artists. I would truly relish the chance to go overseas, however, my current commitments to the company are of paramount importance. This priority, in combination with the fact that certain other artists should have these opportunities first, might restrict my travel plans. Nonetheless, we are keen on developing initiatives so that music lovers worldwide can enjoy our work, no matter their location. We are also focusing on exciting plans to showcase our talented BMSG artists. Please stay tuned for future announcements and our strategic moves in 2024.

If you could collaborate with someone outside of Japan right now (no matter where), who would you like to collaborate with and what do you want to do? As an artist or as CEO of a management company, it is up to you!

SKY-HI: Collaboration, to me, is a matter of serendipity. As such, I don't have any particular plans at this moment to create songs with specific individuals. However, I am incredibly inspired by the way Asian artists have been making a significant global impact in recent years. I am really eager to establish working relationships with some of those artists. The mere contemplation of such possibilities is truly exhilarating.

May we hear your expectations (it can be a wish, too!) for each artist this year, in terms of global approach or global appealing?

SKY-HI: In the case of solo artists such as Novel Core, Aile The Shota, and edhiii boi, it’s important to recognise their potential to create viral hits. As a result, we must keep pushing forward in our song creation efforts, seeking to foster creativity and learn from past successes and missteps. BE:FIRST had an excellent year in 2023, gaining some recognition globally. If we can share how BE:FIRST have been successful in Japan over the last two years with overseas companies and artists, that could lead to promising collaborations that are mutually beneficial. Notably, these collaborations should be a result of mutual respect and sharing of musical and ideological thoughts and values. They could likely secure invitations to perform at overseas events and music festivals as they’ve proven their abilities convincingly. Thus, their future prospects are solid.

MAZZEL debuted successfully in 2023. However, I believe their potential isn’t fully recognised. As such, it is crucial that they establish a strong presence in Japan before branching out overseas. With the internet's global reach, we need to devise a strategy to engage overseas fans more effectively while MAZZEL continues to perform primarily in Japan. This is a common challenge many agencies in Japan are facing.

The situation for REIKO is slightly different from the others. As a multilingual artist from the Philippines, he naturally stands out on the global stage, proudly representing his home country. I believe REIKO has the potential to become one of the most successful singers in Asia, and I have faith in his abilities.

With all eyes on what new activities you might do for BMSG to take it to greater heights. Perhaps you can also share with us your direction and goals for BMSG as an overall company for 2024.

SKY-HI: The entertainment industry in Japan is currently facing various challenges, which can often exert pressure on both artists and fans. Our priority is to address the mental well-being of our artists; we believe it’s important for them to remain authentic and true to themselves, rather than feeling compelled to adopt a different persona. Furthermore, we are invested in cultivating healthier and stronger relationships with our fans as they are integral to our success. While we have several objectives on our agenda, these are among our primary goals for BMSG as we face 2024.

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Lastly, please share your milestone(s) or goal(s) as an artist for the year 2024.

SKY-HI: I staunchly believe that everyone can cultivate their own style based on pure belief. After all, I have to prove myself with my own label though I have been labeled by others with various names like idol, rapper, underground, indies, etc. My primary goal for 2024 is to demonstrate this belief. I am looking forward to the potential collaborations with other artists who have honed their distinct styles. Just like there are no other artists like me, SKY-HI, there’s no one else exactly like any of us. As we navigate through 2024, I aim to continually prove and embody this concept of being the ‘only one’. By doing so, I hope to impress upon everyone that since we are all distinct and unique, we collectively make up ‘The One’.

Digest footage from BMSG FES'23, which featured performance from all 23 BMSG artists and trainees, can be viewed below.


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